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As a wedding and portrait photographer, the best part of my job is delivering the final pictures to my clients and seeing their reaction. I want to create pictures that people fall in love with and treasure for years.

I have been taking photographs since I was 14 and I developed into a wedding photographer because it is the most special day of a person's life and I love capturing it for them. The emotion of the day is fantastic to shoot and nothing pleases me more than getting that special shot. The photographs of a wedding provide a lens through which people remember their special day, so it is important to get it right and I love the challenge that presents.


The Process

Deposit - After transferring a £50 deposit, the booking will be confirmed. Then I suggest meeting for a coffee to discuss what style you are looking for and how we can make it happen.

The day itselfI will arrive in the morning, capturing the bridal preparations. It is in these quiet moments where the photographic story begins.

The CeremonyI take a discreet approach in these moments, I use a silent shutter to not distract from your special moment and I move around as quietly as possible. The ‘just married’ confetti shots are always a winner!

The Portrait Session - After the ceremony I suggest to clients that we block some time, around 45 mins to an hour, to do some posed shots. I bring off-camera flashes to get some really creative photos of the couple. After that we can bring the family in and get some shots with them as well.

The ReceptionI will be at the reception for it’s entirety, as the night goes on there are some great shots to be had of the party.

AfterwardsAs the client, your work is now done. It is up to me to select photos and edit them. The post-processing includes colour correction, cropping and sharpening. This is an important part of the creative process and can take several weeks. If the couple have requested a wedding album, then one will be hand made at this point. The photos will be sent to the couple on the agreed presentation date which will be 4 weeks after the wedding day.

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